April Luncheon–Tax Strategies

04/14/2015 @ 9:00 am – 1:30 pm

Luncheon and Tax Seminar (11:30-1:30)

We’re changing the lineup of sessions in April to bring you a timely, valuable seminar which will teach you how to save from $2,500-$27,000 in new tax deducations.  “Proven Tax Strategies for the Commercial Real Estate Professional” will take your business to the next level NOW with safe and effective tax strategies.

What if you’re thinking, “But I already have an accountant. Why do I need the seminar?” Many of us assume our accountants take care of our taxes…but forget that WE are the ones giving them the numbers and records they’re using to prepare our tax return!

Take a look at the kind of information you’ll learn:

  • Why understanding your tax options now is more essential than ever in the rising real estate market and how it can dramatically increase your take home income! (It’s worth attending our seminar for that information alone!)
  • Learn when the 105 Medical Plan escapes the Affordable Care Act and how you can turn your family’s medical expenses into tax-favored business expenses.
  • Learn how the new section 179 office equipment and furniture deductions are designed to uniquely assist the Commercial Real Estate Professional. Learn how knowledge of this deduction can give you added value to your commercial clients.
  • Proven low-stress, time saving techniques and strategies for avoiding an IRS audit!  (Our strategies can save you a whole lot of pain and heartache!)
  • Why Commercial Real Estate Professionals may safely qualify for a home office deduction!
  • How to transform personal commuting to deductible business mileage!
  • How to use a little-known rule that can double your entertainment deductions!
  • How to help your accountant work a lot more effectively on your behalf!
  • How keeping records the right way can open a whole new world of tax deductions
  • How to hire your spouse without triggering payroll taxes!
  • The one vehicle-ownership mistake that can cost you thousands, even tens of thousands in dollars!
  • The truth about appointment books and auto logs!
  • One simple tactic that makes your deductions stand up and shout, “I am deductible!”
  • How to deduct entertainment costs when you’re paying only for yourself
  • When the use of an office in your home actually reduces your chances of an IRS  audit!

And that’s just for starters!… This seminar is presented by Maine Shafer of Bradford and Company Inc., and excerpted from the Bradford and Company, Inc. Tax Solutions Program optionally available to seminar attendees after the program.

Book Club (9:00 am)  

  Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith 1776 

Available in Kindle and Audible formats

Our purpose is to read books related to our industry and have thoughtful and well-rounded discussions that helps enhance and grow our knowledge.  Agreement with the various authors’ viewpoints are not required and debate is recommended.

For more information, click here.

Have/Want Marketing Session (10:00 am)

Have a commercial property that you want to buy, sell or trade?  Post it to CCIM’s DealShare platform and share it real-time with your colleague with your colleagues.

If you are planning to present your listing/s at the NCalCCIM marketing session, please note that the Chapter has migrated it marketing session to the new online CCIM Deal Share platform. This allows for the easier communication of property information and the ability for attendees at the monthly meeting to download the property brochure from their electronic devices. Your listing must be posted on Deal Share for you to present at all monthly meetings and you must have emailed the property address to Aziz Kahtri: Aziz@kw.com with Subject:  Marketing Session, by 5:00 PM on April 13.

New NCalCCIM Monthly Marketing Session Procedure: Post your listing at CCIM Deal Share, here’s how: Login at CCIM.com  Click: Deal Share    Click: +New Post  Complete all the information Save

Fore more information, or to register, click here.

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