How local CRE lenders are dealing with the pandemic–April 22

04/22/2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Zoom Webinar
Terry Shores

How CRE lenders are dealing with the pandemic

The extended closure of commercial properties has dealt the biggest blow to the economy since the Great Depression.  But how has it impacted commercial real estate deals?  Specifically, how has the pandemic affected CRE financing?

Join us at 10 am on Thursday, April 22 as a panel of lending experts gives of some perspective of where we are, and where we may be going, with loans and financing.

Here are some questions Moderator Steve Peterson, CCIM will be addressing:

  • Are you seeing adjustments to your loan guidelines? Specifically, reduced loan-to-value ratios and removal of higher risk property types like retail and hospitality?  Where does multi-family fit?
  • Any unique alternatives emerge?
  • Are maximum loan amounts being changed?
  • Is underwriting getting more conservative?
  • Are you seeing more reserve requirements to cover future payments? Any trends on down payments?
  • Historically private money lenders have been more nimble than conventional lenders. Has that given them an advantage in these times?
  • Walk us through a deal where you had a commitment to fund the deal, but for whatever reason the deal didn’t close due to financing issues?”
  • Adversely, have you saved a deal that may have otherwise gone south? Please tell us about it.


Moderator Steve Peterson, CCIM








Stephanie Chung BFC Funding







Doug Dransfield, CCIM Golden Pacific Bank








Anna Duncan U.S. Bank


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